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Do not EVER purchase products from Bravo Sports. I purchased a Quik Shade tent from Sports Authority, tent bar snapped right in half the FIRST TIME I used it (less than 8 hours up, under completely perfect weather conditions).

Since then, I have been going through *** AND HIGH WATER to get my money back. Finally got a hold of an agent, who talked down to me as if I was *** and didn't know what I was talking about. I sent all necessary paperwork and photos, only to recieve a REPLACEMENT BAR, by itself, in a box two weeks later. No instructions, nothing.

First off, there's no WAY that thing could be fixed. Second, if it could, it would definitely require the craftsmanship of a professional, and third, I didn't even recieve all the pieces that were broken- just the plain side bar. THEN, I call and ask to speak to a manager, get put on SILENT HOLD forever, only to get an attitude from the supervisor also!!!

I am absolutely ENRAGED with this company and will do everything in my power to spread the word about their lack of professionalism and their cheap, *** products. I am normally not one of those "chronic complainer" type of customers, but the products and services I have been receiving from this company are just absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

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